Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Heart Belongs To Edward

Seriously. I haven't been so moved by a movie since Titanic.. (and embarrassingly, I was incredibly moved, by Titanic.) I'm still tingly. I'm still trying to finagle a way back in to the theatre to see it again without looking pathetic.. but most of all-- I'm still hoping that one day I too.. can be a very strong, very fast, very attractive, vampire. So I haven't even read the books. Just went cause it was a night out with the girls.. and I like 'hype'. I mean really people, I loathe sci-fi as a rule, and up until this moment, the visions and bad make-up that the term "vampire" itself conjure up for me are just annoying. But not any more. I choose to love Edward like the rest of the female population. I would let him monkey-climb me fast as lightening up any tree, anytime. He can creepily watch me sleep, and sniff my blood scent unceasingly.
I am not afraid.
(Needless to say I will be starting the books, immediately.)