Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let's Even Things Out Girls..

So I've thoroughly enjoyed everyones bugged list.. but while eating my really tasty salad with avocados on it (they're on sale at Maceys!) I was thinking about just HOW much I love avocados.. and decided to balance my 'bugs' out, I'm listing some things I absolutely LOVE.

1. Avocados. Nuf' said.
2. Birthdays. I like to celebrate the lives of people I like. I'm really glad they were BORN.
3. The way Sam tells me he loves me at least 3 times before he leaves to go anywhere.
4. Fun, big jewelry.
5. Tan feet.
6. Warm sourdough bread with butter.
7. Laughing so hard I get a cramp in my belly.
8. The feeling of being done with a really good work-out.
9. A shower so hot it ALMOST hurts.
10. My husband.
11. My bed. (Sheets fresh out of the dryer make it even BETTER.)
12. The Bachelor/ Bachelorette. Sorry. I do.
13. My kids laughing together. My kids in general.
14. Being at the beach with my siblings.
15. True friends.
16. Buying things for other people.
17. My childhood.
18. New pajamas.
19. Tim McGraw.
20. Picking zits.

Mmmm. Happy just thinking about em all. Go to it girls.. you're all tagged.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've Been Bug Tagged.. (THIS Is New!)

I've been invited to list 10 things that bug me. Kinda fun to get to be annoyed by request.. so here goes-- I'll try to keep it to 10!

1. Spit gathering in the corners of peoples mouths. I know, they can't help it..
2. Wet towels being left on the end of my bed!
3. How cold my car is at 7 am.
4. Those stringy mens tank tops that a guy wears at the gym. Ya know.. that look like a loose shirt that's been cut into stringy thin straps. Ew.
5. The fact that my dog, who I adore.. sheds.
6. No Target in this town. (It hurts every,single,day.)
7. Mean people.
8. The word "Shut-up." Especially when used on kids, by adults. Every time I hear it happen I wanna call social services.
9. People assuming things.
10.Toys that aren't fun, and don't work right.

Ooh-- I'm having kinda a good time-- just a couple more..

11. Clutter.
12. My boobs after nursing 4 babies.
13. Cooking.
14. How many fat grams a Fish Fillet has in it.
15. Chinzy portions at fancy restaurants.
16. When I wear the wrong underwear jogging and it slides down as I run.
17. When there's not a good country song on my satellite radio.
18. How fast my house gets dusty.
19. The crack in my windshield.
20. The price of nuts. Seriously. kinda carried away there! (I feel refreshed gettin' all that out!)
I tag Brynne, Heidi, Emily, and Abby.. GO! (As long as I already broke thre rules.. I also tag anyone who feels like doing it.)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why, Now?

Disclaimer: I know.. it's almost Febuary.. and I'm posting my 'Christmas Letter'. I actually sent this out, on time even (gasp!) to our out-of-towner friends and family- but just wanted to post it here for journal purposes (cause when it comes to me 'journaling'.. this is it folks.) So feel free to pass on reading the old news. I just trust my words lasting longer here then on my unreliable whacked-out computer that could crash at any moment. That said:

To All Who Make Our Lives Merry And Bright..
Look! We did it! We lived without a dishwasher OR disposal for one whole year! Yes. We have now been livin’ the dream here in Providence, for 12 months, and 10 days.. (roughly.) And if I do say so myself, “We’ve come a long way, BABY!” Our carpeted kitchen, is now tiled. Our mauve drapes, are now blinds. And our flooded basement, is now dry. We have painted, molded, and caulked our way into a lovely liveable-ness we quite enjoy! If nothing else, this home has given us all kinds of FIRST-time ever “opportunities”. Since we have lived here, we have:
*Flood-irrigated in the dead of night. It involves things like galoshes, and headlamps.(And is not related to the INDOOR flooding. Flood-irrigation is actually intentional.)
*Grown a full on garden (O.K. That’s not a “we”, that was all Jasen..)
*Started a COMPOST pile (Ew. Jasen keeps reminding me, it‘s not gross, it‘s organic.)
*Flushed lots and lots of bloated cereal, down the toilet.
So as you can see.. it’s been a big year.
In other FIRSTS.. last season we entered the world of snowboarding (causing myself, to experience another FIRST: My first formal trip to the chiropractor.) We splurged on seasons passes this year and are excited to get back at it with as soon as our local resort gets enough snow. I joined my FIRST gym, am participating in PTA for the FIRST time (kinda over-rated.), and had my FIRST vein stripped. (Exciting stuff!) Jasen put in his FIRST water softener, FIRST toilet, and FIRST wiring. He grew our FIRST pumpkins, corn, beans, carrots, cucumbers, and real life, home-grown tomatoes. (The man’s got skills.) We then tried canning our gorgeous tomatoes, and learned we’d done it wrong, and created our FIRST batch of botulism! Jesse got his FIRST electric guitar, and is totally rockin’ it. Sam was on his FIRST football team and loved it. Bo lost his FIRST (and second, and third, and fourth) tooth, and was equally dramatic, about each and every one. Sophie moved into her FIRST big-girl bed (but has yet to move into her FIRST big-girl panties!) She tried her FIRST sushi, and asked for more. She has also enjoyed her FIRST purse, lipstick, nail polish, tiara, etc., etc…….
And then there’s of course, Roscoe. Our huge, wonderful, adopted dog. He had his FIRST full year of life with a family! (When he’s not rolling in other dogs poop, he is so very good. We do love him.)
As a family, we hiked Zions, and Bryce Canyon for the FIRST time ever, and loved it. We also camped for real, the FIRST (and I’m guessing LAST) time ever, and didn’t love it. (Can you say, bats?)
We also had our FIRST vacation back to the East Coast in 3 years, with all of my darling family. So much fun. It was just perfect, other than me wiping out on a bike for the FIRST time ever. (What is THAT all about?)
We recently took our FIRST trip back home to St. Louis since moving here. Unfortunately, it was under terribly sad circumstances. Jasens sweet Dad, who had just been out to visit us weeks before, passed away very suddenly of a heart attack. So while it was wonderfully cozy and homey to be back with family.. we are sad to the core-- and will miss Grandpa every day.
So there ya have it. Our FIRST full Utah year, and a few of our FIRSTS therein.
For all of our other up-to-date, ever-exciting adventures (I mean honestly, caulk and compost piles.. who can wait for our next big news??) you can find us at I gave in to peer pressure and started my FIRST blog.. and have become a full-blown blogging machine. There you can read on about how I’ve started my FIRST budget, made my FIRST decent dinner, and fallen in love with my FIRST vampire. (Try to contain yourselves.)
May your new year be blessed with all kinds of fun FIRSTS! (And when it’s tasty… seconds!)
Lots of love and merry wishes,
The Rees’s

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mini-Me And Her Morning Breath

This morning, which came MUCH too soon (poor Sam-a-lamb-a-ding-dong--he'll love that I shared that nick name with the blogging world-- had the barfs all the live long night.. and hearing, and assisting in, his every half hour erping, did NOT a restful night make..)Sophie came trotting in my room bright and early, and bounced up on top of me in all her halariously matted hair and stinky breathed glory. In efforts to rouse me..she started giving me wet little stinky kisses all over my sleeping face.
As I opened my eyes and smiled at her little morning face three inches from my own.. she clasped my cheeks in her hands, and in perfect imitation of me, exclaimed,
"I love this little face."

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Can Man Survive On Cold Cereal Alone?

So Bo doesn't enjoy alot of foods not involving sugar. In efforts to balance out his intake of left over Christmas stocking candy and "fruit" snacks-- and perhaps even add a few vitamins, I've found he does like a good bowl of rice krispies or corn flakes. I've also found cereal to be possibly the fastest to prepare, and easiest to clean up, of all afternoon snacks as well. In addition.. I've discovered last minute before-bed-time hunger pains are ALSO most efficiently dealt with, with a hearty bowl of wheat chex (and hey! Fiber to boot.) So my question to you.. the blogging world-- is this: If on occasion, (and by occasion, I mean at LEAST 3 times a week)the boy eats nothing but cereal.. with a banana or grapefruit tossed in now and again.. will he be developing any deficiencies or bizarre behavior patterns I should be aware of??

Monday, January 12, 2009


Here it is.. in all it's kelly green glory. THE snowboard coat.
(Oh, and my cute husband.)

Were you expecting something more?? I'm not sure why I'm so very pleased with it..
I realize it's just a green coat-- but it's the PERFECT green coat. Warm, and puffy and water-proof and comfy. And green.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Is For Apple (And Freaking "Adorable")

Sorry. Can't help it. I just really, really, REALLY enjoy this little human..
and really, really, REALLY think it's fun when Grandma sends fresh Gymboree get-ups to adorn her in. (As you can see by her expression and willingness to pose.. Sophie also really, really, REALLY enjoys it herself.) Hooray for Grandmas.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nothin' Like A Tantrum To Start Things Off..

Hey! It's 2009! What do ya know?? That is ONE more year farther away from the one I was born in. (This has GOT to stop.) I'm wrinkly.. I enjoy bread pudding.. and almost all my kids can now make thier own cereal. How does time just KEEP rolling?? But can't complain.. the New Year started with good friends, good food-- and one VERY upset Sophie. My usually very pleasant and always ready for a party girl.. was NOT entertained by the unexpected shot of silly string aimed at her at midnight by her well-meaning-party-starting Dad. The following was her startled and offended reaction.

And so began the New Year!
(Maybe she was just upset her usual bow was not in place.)
Luckily.. she was quick to accept an apology, with her "It's O.K. Dad." reply.. and the night ended with sparkling cider and hot brownies. Doesn't get any better than that! Oh wait.. it DID..
The next day we hauled the troops up to Beaver for some good times and a great little snow storm!
Here's the radical crew..

(Next time I'll get my very cute new snowboard coat on film for ya. I'm not the best boarder out there, but I may very well have the cutest coat.)
Bo looks so rockin' in his get-up I couldn't resist gettin' a few shots of his dude-esque-ness.

Or Jasens.

Sophie was geared up and ready for me to pull her around in a sled like a snow princess.

(Next on the endless shopping list of snowboarding junk that's fun to buy, little girls PINK goggles.)
We're headin' back tomorrow. Hope to see ya there!
(I'm the one in the cute coat.)

P.S.Can someone PLEASE tell me how to rotate my pictures on here??