Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let's Even Things Out Girls..

So I've thoroughly enjoyed everyones bugged list.. but while eating my really tasty salad with avocados on it (they're on sale at Maceys!) I was thinking about just HOW much I love avocados.. and decided to balance my 'bugs' out, I'm listing some things I absolutely LOVE.

1. Avocados. Nuf' said.
2. Birthdays. I like to celebrate the lives of people I like. I'm really glad they were BORN.
3. The way Sam tells me he loves me at least 3 times before he leaves to go anywhere.
4. Fun, big jewelry.
5. Tan feet.
6. Warm sourdough bread with butter.
7. Laughing so hard I get a cramp in my belly.
8. The feeling of being done with a really good work-out.
9. A shower so hot it ALMOST hurts.
10. My husband.
11. My bed. (Sheets fresh out of the dryer make it even BETTER.)
12. The Bachelor/ Bachelorette. Sorry. I do.
13. My kids laughing together. My kids in general.
14. Being at the beach with my siblings.
15. True friends.
16. Buying things for other people.
17. My childhood.
18. New pajamas.
19. Tim McGraw.
20. Picking zits.

Mmmm. Happy just thinking about em all. Go to it girls.. you're all tagged.


Tasha said...

I love it!! What a great idea...I've been so busy thinking about what makes me grouchy....I forgot that I can still love stuff!!haha!

emma jo said...

We definitely come from the same gene pool. I'm with you on just about everything right down to the zit popping.

Amy Lynn said...

I second Emily's comment...we are most definitely related. Did you hear the story about what Abby pulled out of my dad's ear a couple of weeks ago? Absolutely amazing stuff...really. Ask her about it.

Heather said...

I agree with Tasha, I love this new one and the fact that you had so many thing you love. Good for you!!!

Svenska & Sheaux said...

8. The feeling of being done with a really good work-out.

This one and the avocados, I'm right there with ya... ok, I think I'm right there for almost all of them. Although I do prefer honey wheat to sour dough...