Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mr. Bo Jangles...

or as he's often referred to round these parts.. simply-- "Jangles" turned SEVEN today!
Seriously? Seven?? That's so not 5, or 6. It's SEVEN. Something about it's harsh odd number character and threatening sharp shape.. just makes it seem so much bigger, older.. so, SEVEN.
So of course, in perfect Katy's-A-Spaze fashion, amidst school registration, dentist appointments, and out of town visitors, --
I kinda missed this birthdays sudden approach.. and on Sunday night, roughly 48 hours before the big day, when Bo asked,
"So when's my party?" I answered, completely unprepared, yet unfazed.. "Well on your birthday of course."
Hey! Nothin' a few apologetic last-minute'phone call invites' and trip to Wal-Mart can't make happen! The day arrived-- and,

Seven seven-year-olds at a seven-year-old, party.
(Complete with a pinata for a, um.. 3-year-old.. that was "cleverly".. I use the word lightly.. presto-changoed into an obvious B. Ya know.. for Bo.)
A scavenger hunt and few water balloons later.. and a party had been had.
Oh.. and inner tube races..

'Cause what's a party without inner tube races?

I really enjoyed the hard-cold-cash look in his eyes here..(I mean.. what's a party without hard, cold, CASH?)

So many fun friends, so many fun gifts..

SOOOOO many weird faces..

and so many happy birthday wishes from me.. to my darling, hilarious, seven-year-old, Jangles.

I love every bit of your double-dimple-faced little self. Happy birthday my boy.