Friday, February 6, 2009

That Sam-I-Am, That Sam-I-Am.. How We Love That Sam-I-Am.

Look who hit the double digits! Our sweet Sam turned 10 on February 4th.. with some rad new snowboard goggles, a new DS game.. and very large bag of Sour Patch Kids, to prove it!

I have been wanting to post a blog dedicated to our Sammy Lamb for some time.. so now is as perfect time as ever to celebrate the hilarious and unique being that is our Sammy boy.
This picture sums up alot.

The best part about Sam.. is that his mind is always somewhere you've probably never been.. and he's constantly imagining, day-dreaming, and creating out of the ordinary moments.. and um.. sticking pencils through apples-- cause, why not??

So to record a few tidbits about our Sam-a-lamb-a-ding-dong:
Almost since birth.. he has had a skill for getting way more food AROUND his plate, than in his actual, mouth.

He will spend all day in the tub just hanging out.. and ya know.. shoving stuff down the drain..

He is go-with-the-flow-er. A takin' his timer.
And never, ever, a hurrier.

He is a dresser-upper..

An observer..

And a dreamer..

And one of my personal favorite traits of our Lamb.. is that through his big-kid cool.. he is still an excitable, ever-enthusiastic, believing, kid.

Our boy is a skater, a snowboarder.. and lover of all holidays and celebrations. He is a giver of love and affection to his little sister and big dog.. and hugger, snuggler and affection giver to his Mom. He loves his family. He likes when everyone is home together.. just us.. and his deep laughter is silly and contagious.
He loves sushi, and snow, and getting under a blanket after he eats.
Since he was a baby.. I have often said I feel sorry for everyone who doesn't get to raise Sam.. how we love him. How lucky I am to be his Mom. Happy birthday wonderful boy.