Saturday, June 27, 2009

MY Cousins Are Cuter Than YOUR Cousins!

I love cousins. I like just being with them. Feeling connected, knowing that we all came from the same roots.. and that we've all eaten at the same fancy, meticulously set dining room table at Memas.. snuck gingersnaps from her pantry.. and played games on Papas beautiful acre of land. I love that we all know what real figgy pudding taste like.. and that we were all privy to closed-captioned T.V. at a young age. Oh.. and our Moms and Dads are brother and sister. I like that part too. As different as we all are.. and as little as we're able to get together.. as soon as we do-- it's homey. Cozy. Easy. I really do want to know what they're doing.. I really am interested in what their spouses are like.. and I really do like their chic and unique fashion flair. Yesterday I got the chance to meet up with them AND my sister (BONUS week! She's been here this week too..)at the Gateway in SaltLake.
I'm a spaze.. and know the streets of Salt Lake City about as well as I'd know the streets of Brooklyn-- so it took me awhile to actually ARRIVE at the Gateway.. but once I did.. was so worth the drive to find my sister and kids, cute Aunt, and 3 of my fun girly-girl cousins all ready to swap Old Navy deals and potty-training talk. I was of course too busy chattin' it up to take alot of pictures of my actual cousins.. but loved watching my own kids play in the fountains not only with their own cousins.. but my cousins kids. Yeah. I love cousins.

Cousins from American Fork.. Wisconsin, and Vegas...

(Does this count as water ballet??)
Can't wait til' next time.