Friday, May 15, 2009

Well Now THAT'S Cute...

So I came home the other night from a hot night out with my husband of 14.. yeah, count em', FOURTEEN years. (Okay.. so we were home by 6:30, cause it was a school night-- so maybe it wasn't THAT hot.. but still fun.. and at least marked our 14 year anniversary with something other than doing dishes! PAR-TAY.)
So AS I was saying.. we return home to our kids, and are told that Sam has taken Sophie over to the school playground. I walk over to the park to see how they're doing-- and let em' know it's time to come home..
"Kay Mom.." Sam says. "I just have to get the backpack."
"Backpack?" I asked.
"Yeah. I packed it in case Sophie wet her pants."
I was so proud. My little "I-forgot-my-folder-at-school" boy.. did not forget his potty-training sisters needs.
I came home, unzipped the backpack.. and found this.

Not only were there wet wipes, a clean pair of undies, and fresh pair of pants (that matched the shirt she was presently wearing. Luck? Or is he really THAT good?)
but he had even remembered to bring a plastic bag, to put the wet pants in.. along with an ice cold water bottle for each of them.
Who knew my Sammy was such a cute little Dad?
It made me smile really hard.