Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Small Request...

So.. I REALLY enjoy the white New York Cheesecake flavor of soft serve yogurt at the Maverick.
REALLY, enjoy it.
And when they have it.. it usually stays around for awhile-- until they switch out the flavor to something I find disgusting.. like cookies and cream.
(Cookies and cream YOGURT... really?)
So here we are in September, with hot weather coming to an end, and I'm panicking just a smidge because last I checked.. it's still cookies and crud.. and I want me some white New York cheesecake, before it SNOWS.
My request?? That any of you frequenting the Maverick.. comment that you'd love to see the return of the white New York Cheesecake flavor (there is power in numbers..)and inform me immediately if you see the switch has been made. I'm not joking around here folks.

I know. Pretty important stuff.


Denise said...

katy, I will do my part:) p.s. if you send me your e-mail I can give you an invite to my personal blog. sounds so FBI like doesn't it. went private awhile ago after some anonymous weirdo left comments on my blog. geeeesh people.

Jana said...

you. make. me. laugh.

I love it!

Have ya checked all the Maveriks? I know that my sista goes out to the one in Nibley because they have better choices!

Shareen said...

O you will hate me..I am the cookies and "crud" lover :) But here in little old Santaquin they have both lol

Amy Lynn said...

I am on it. Plus who knew Maverick had frozen yogurt? Geez...what else am I missing out on?

elimy said...

A women has her NEEDS!!!

Abby said...

I once tracked down the ice cream truck in our neighborhood on my bike and motioned for him to follow me home (about 3 or 4 blocks.) The circus music slowly followed as my legs pedalled with all their might...did I mention this was in HIGH SCHOOL? I don't joke around with ice cream either. I get it.

Emma Jo said...

That's funny.
My favorite thing about the Maverick in Provo is that I could go through the drive-through at 9 in the morning and order a soda and someone else had to get it for me. And it was in a really big cup with a straw.