Monday, September 20, 2010

Losing the "Cool" In "Cool Mom"

Soooo... Sophie started a new dance class on Thursday.
Of course she was excited.
Of Course.
Of course she wore her best multi-colored tu-tu and matching bow.
Of course.
Of course on the ride there,
I started singing some made-up ditty that went a little something like this,

"Very first day of dance class!
Very first day ofdance class!"

Of course.

To which my 4-year-old..
who in the past has always seemed to find me quite enjoyable and witty..

"Could you please not do that.
It makes me feel embarrassed."

Of course.


Jocelin said...

Yup! Some kids learn to not appreciate our gifts a lot earlier than others. When Eli was a mere 24 months old I was rocking him in the rocking chair, singing precious little lullabies. It was a loving mommy moment. He reached up and gently placed his chubby fingers across my mouth and said, "Please stop. I don't like to hear you sing." Touche!

Abby said...

My kids ask me to stop all the time too, even though I sound EXACTLY like Princess Jasmine when I sing "A Whole New World."
If only they nappreciated how cool we are.

Emma Jo said...

Like a little arrow to the heart...and then laughed because funny things come out of her mouth and because she always has a darling bow in her hair.

Brynne said...

Good stuff! She's just trying to keep you humble, since you are such a rock star of a runner :)

I think it's just an act though--my kids act "embarassed" by me too, but deep down I know they love a little goofy!

Lorrie and Kent said...

You are such a creative writer. I love visiting your blog and having a delightful moment.

Amy Lynn said...

It just happens too early! My mom was completely cool until I was at least 10 years old. Now I'm struggling not to embarrass my kindergartener.

Ah, where did the innocence go?

And...why on earth did we not get treated to a picture of Sophie in her tutu and matching bow???

WaltBayliss said...

Great post.
I admire people that take that extra step towards good content.
Walt Bayliss
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mo said...

I once embarrassed Abby in High School because I showed up at a track meet carrying an umbrella and eating popcorn. How are we supposed to know the rules? I didn't know I embarrassed Amy after age ten...hmm, wonder what strange thing I was doing, breathing?