Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grow Up Already...

So just when I think I MIGHT be becoming more like those "grown-ups" I've heard talk of..
(ya know the ones: they watch the news and prepare budgets.. they keep receipts and take vitamins.. and I'm pretty sure they know how many countries there are in the world.)
So although I do not do any of the above mentioned items..
I do show glimpses of a grown-up here and there.
I mean, after all:
I recycle.
I keep my kids clean.. pretty clean.. and fed.
I can do basic math. Very, basic, math.
And there's a BUNCH of wrinkles on my face.

So as I was saying.. I think I'm legit in a few facets..
if only a very, rare, few.
But the other day-- in the bathroom of a frozen yogurt place called "Spoon Me"--
I seriously started doubting my maturity in general.
In those ever-so-popular vinyl letters, they had decorated the walls with phrases like:

"You.. Me... Spoon?"


"Feel like spooning?"

I know. Cute. A play on words with the places name.
But what turned it from cute..
to freakin' hilarious, for me, personally..
was the way in which other customers..
much likely a bit younger than myself,
had cleverly peeled all the S's and N's off every "spoon".. turning it into.. um.. "poo."
Therefore.. the phrases had become..

"You... Me... poo?"


"Feel like poo ing?"

Or my very favorite..

"Shhh. Just poo."

I laughed out loud.
Like a 5th grader.
For a good while.

I mean what's not funny about THAT?
(Don't answer if you're in a real grown-up kinda mood.)


Jen said...

Ha,Ha,Ha! I might not be a grown up either, because this made me laugh! :)

My Crazy Life said...

HaHaHaHaHaHa!!! I must still be a young adult.

Jocelin said...

Yay! I may have to visit said yogurt shop just to see this hilarious prank. And laughing at funny stuff isn't about maturity--it's about who enjoys life and has a sense of humor. Boring people aren't more mature than us, they're just BORING!

Derek and Bre said...

Who wants to be a grown up anyway...I am still a "teen" so I have much more time to laugh at these jokes :)

WaltBayliss said...

Great post.
I admire people that take that extra step towards good content.
Walt Bayliss
Founder and CEO

Candice said...


Clarice said...

That's pretty funny. I want to go that place just to see the bathrooms....

Emma Jo said...

So is this a good time to admit that I think "passing gas" is totally funny? It has always been funny and it will always be funny. It just is. There is no way around it.

Abby said...

I'm right there with you--I actually took a picture while at a nephew's high school volleyball game bc someone had written in messy pubescent boy handwriting on the wall the word "penis." Just a lone little anatomically correct word on the wall of a high school gym. Classic.
I'm also with Emily. Toots will always be funny bc you just don't have a choice--your body DOES that.