Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just A Swangin'.. (And A "Swor-in"..)

Sophie loves to swing.
She will run to the yellow swing that Grandma bought,
that hangs from our huge front tree.. 10 times a day.
Just to swing.
It's just, so, fun.
She used to need pushing..
but has now mastered the art of pumping..
so is free to swing whenever she darn well feels the urge--
but still prefers, as young princesses will, to be pushed.
Delights, in being pushed.
DEE-lights I tell ya.
Jasen has started to take her on little later night sneaks over to the school playground for a good night swing on the big school swings.
It's dark.. and they go even higher.
She laughs like it's the most fun she could ever know..
and never, ever, tires of it.
She comes in giddy.
Her cheeks cold and flushed from the night air.
I love how simple the pleasure of it is to her.

I also love.. that while takin' a little poop yesterday,
(Sophie still. I know-- you were thinking it was ME.)
she stuck up her middle finger and said,
"Is this a swore? My friend said this was a swore."
I laughed out loud.. and then replied..
"Yeah. Kind of. That's a way people swear using their hands."
"Oh." She answered. "Why do people do swears?"
"Well.." I continued..
"I guess some people think it's cool. Don't you think that's kind of dumb?"
"Mom." she says, in this kind of tender, but reprehending sort of tone..
"Everybody makes mistakes."


Brynne said...

Hmmm...did that friend happen to be a certain cousin Livvy that taught her about the swores :) with the hands? My kids happen to be fascinated by that and FREAK out when one of them shows a cut or what have you on a particular finger. As for the swinging, I'm glad Jasen is a little safer with his pushing of the swinging princess. I remember another swing pushing experience that went awry. My kids prefer to be launched in to the heavens in our tree by their dad and pull leaves off the high branches with their feet as they do so. Freaks me right out, I can hardly watch!

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