Monday, October 11, 2010

Just Some Stuff..

Sophie, smelling a perfume sample at Kohls:
"Oh my gosh.. this smells like a dream."

Bo, while looking at a collage of baby pictures of himself, sings to himself with a silly grin..
"Oh Bo, what a cute baby.. you're just so much cuter than your big brothers.."

Sam, who has suddenly become interested in 'watching his weight', when taking a piece of bread from the sacrament tray at church, turned and whispered..
"How many calories in that?"

Jesse, trying to explain why he just didn't click with some kids, asks..
"Ya know the kind of kids that try to use logic, to be funny?? Or like, scientific observations? It's just not that funny."

In other news:

We're missing a chicken. Hmmm.
Anyone seen Princess Girl? She's the white one.
Guess we should of put a collar on her.
Last night Sophie saw a chicken in Africa on the Amazing Race,
and asked if that might be ours.
I doubt it.

We finally got our butts in the back yard and picked up the 200 peaches that had fallen off our very heavy laden peach tree branches.
I made cobbler, and ate half the pan, in under an hour.

I ran in the rain on my favorite trail today.
It felt so good..even if I had 15 gnats on my shirt and 2 in my EYEBALLS afterward.
I'm running a half marathon in Park City this weekend.
Wonder if there's a gnat problem up there.

My KIA broke down on me again.. and then started again.
Ya just never know if you're gonna make it where you're going or not.
I like livin' on the edge.

That's all for now.


Jana said...

Can't say much more than this...

You are just one of those people who truly make me happy.

Thanks for sharing...

Julie said...

What a perfect update to capture the essence of each child. Love that! I wish I could run a half marathon but I'd settle for any running. Cortisone shot wearing off. Not good! How cool is it that you have a peach tree in your backyard? I have basil. Can't live too long on that.

Hope you find your chicken. It could have flown to Africa, maybe.

Abby said...

I like reading about your funny life probably as much as you like reading about mine..maybe more. Chickens and logic and whatnot. I love them! And good luck with your half marathon. I know I've said it before, but I am wicked impressed.

Emma Jo said...

I like your life. Your kids are beautiful and funny and witty and you have chickens and make peach stuff from your own home grown fruit.