Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hey-ster There-ster

Um.. my Bo that I've spoken recently and oh-so-fondly of..
has outta no where-- began his own little Bo language.
It goes a little something like this.

"Hi-ster Mom-ster. I'm-ster hungry-ster."

No big thing.
I'm guessing it won't catch on like pig latin.
I just find it hilarious.


Brynne said...

You could also brag about his cup-stacking skills, I witnessed that minit-to-winit little marvel you've got there. He may take after his mom and go primetime for the big bucks. It's in his genes.

Brynne said...

By the way, it brought a smile to my face (as I'm surfing everything possible, avoiding working tonight) to see that you had another new post. Love that you are returning to Bloggerville lately :)

Abby said...

Oh..ster! I'm giddy about catching up on two Katy posts! Love--ster his lingo. And love your little hobby--and all the cute katy pics it comes with, and the warm up pants are cute. Why would anything not be cute on your model body? And someday lets talk about who really had all those kids for you, ok? Hmmmmm.

Emma Jo said...

I think my mind would go into overdrive and I would just be staring blankly at him and trying really hard to process what he was saying because it is English, I'm sure of it, but why is my brain not working...that happens to me a lot.