Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthdays and Races and SOUP! Oh MY!

See this little weirdo??

I adore him.
My Bo turned 8 back in August-- and chose to make the exact same goofy drinking soda face at this years party.. as he did at last years.

He also, just like last year, received a last minute "wrapped" (in t.p.) gift from Sophie, and was very sweet to act grateful for the stale Starburst she surprised him with..

..and again, had a darling group of wet, hyper 2nd graders run around our yard to celebrate!
I could share all 20 pictures of them making wet, hyper 2nd grader faces.. but I'm behind in my bloggable bits.. SO.. moving on..
Bo's birthday is always the preface to summers end.. and school beginning!

So here you have my token "First Day of School" shot. Again.. the Bo.
(I really did take some of the big boys..just can't find them in my files-- my "files" would make your head spin.. file savvy, I am not.. but I promise Jess and Sam were dressed and smiling. I swear.)
My first half marathon.
What can I say...I DIG, the running.
Here's me eating my pre-race banana.. in kinda stupid warm-up pants.

And here's me 13.1 miles later!

I posted some of the professional pics they take along the course of me on FB.. but props to Jasen for catching this one near the finish line.
I loved it. I had no idea if I could run that far or not.. so was excited to finish in 1:41and am hoping to beat my time at another Half going on up in Park City in October!
(Come with me! Anyone? Anyone??)
Of course having some darling "athletic supporters" cheering me on made it even BETTER.

In other news.. the tortilla soup I made for dinner last night, and lunch today.. was so tasty I had to photograph it.

Big enough bowl for ya?
I heart avacados.
Oh. And there's a mouse in my house. SICK.
Kay. I think I'm all caught up for the moment.


kristina said...

Oh Katy! You look so great! Can't believe Bo is so grown up. Our stake just did ward road shows and of course I thought of you..."hey lookee here now, what do you see?" Anyway, you look fantastic and tell Jason Hi!

Jana said...

Love that kid... He makes my day every morning that he comes to school.. why? because he runs and by runs I mean NEVER walks but runs and it is a really happy, hoppy run and just leaves me smiling for the rest of my day!

Love that kid...

Brynne said...

The soup looks delish! Love Bo's reaction to Sophie's gift--what a good boy you are raising!

I can attest to the photo organization...uh...situation you have going on over there. Have I told you how much I would REALLY love to organize those???

Good that you dig the running, because it suits you, my friend! Not only did you finish successfully, but you did it FAST! You rocked that bad boy, so proud of you!

mo said...

Happy birthday to Bo (great Swedish name BTW), congratulations to you on the running, and I want a bowl of that soup! Love to all!

Suzie Petunia said...

For those of you that don't know... 1:41 is a seriously impressive time for a 1/2 marathon! Katy, you rock!

Bo is adorable and silly! And your soup looks delicious. Fresh avacado = yum!

Amy Lynn said...

I was feeling so left out of your life...thank you for catching us up! You are a running super star...I'm truly in awe and send much admiration your way! Can't believe your kids are getting so big...and why is it that you get prettier and prettier?

I'll come to Park City to shop with you and yell for you...but I will not run with you.

When is the race?

Clarice said...

That end shot makes you look as fast as you are!! I can't believe how crazy fast you are. I would think about running with you, but honestly I would only last about the first minute and then you would be off! Good luck in Park City!