Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chicks In Tennies...

LOOK! I ran another race! Get a friggin' load-o-me.

ACTUALLY-- get a friggin' load of ALL those adorable little runner girls.
Precious, are we not??
All fresh-faced and eager to begin our adventure!
The Cache-Teton EPIC Relay to Jackson Hole!
We each had 3 legs to run over a 2-day continuous race-- and we were ready to get THAT party started.

Sally was up first in all her smiley-grinned glory,
and we only lost her once..
for a couple minutes.
Here we are a couple legs in-- STILL feelin' perky..

Quarters WERE tight.
7 chicks,
7 sleeping bags,
7 bags,
a snug lil' SUV does make.
But on we rolled!
My first leg was a 7-mile stretch through the always po-dunk-yet-loveable Preston Idaho. I booked it as hard as I could-- and though SIKED about my 7 1/2 minute miles (I've never timed myself!).. enjoyed a crazy bout-o-nausea almost immediately upon finishing. YUMMY.
Shortly after.. I proceeded to poop like a dog, behind a barn, in the weeds.. but we don't really need to talk about that.
After completing the first 6 legs, we met up with our second van of even MORE darling Lightening Ladies..

I mean seriously... DARLING.
(What's not fun about HER??)

And then proceeded to our next "rest stop".

I use the term "rest", loosely. Don't know 'bout you.. but nodding off in a sleeping bag, in broad daylight, on a High School lawn.. does not come easy for me.
Besides.. I had all these cute people to talk to..

and we all know.. the talking DOES come easy to me.. so why bother??
No real rest was had.
My next leg was a 3-miler through.. um.. who the hell KNOWS where..
where much to my surprise, and I spanked it with 7 minute miles! Who knew?
Of course every leg began and ended with me using one of these beauties..

which always makes a girl feel glam.. but is better than, ya know.. weeds behind a barn.
We stopped for the night while the other brave van trucked on with their next set-o-legs.. where, long-story short.. I ended up shivering under my $2.50 Wal-Mart towel praying for daylight..

til' we got the call at 3 am that the first team was done and we were back in action under the oh-so-chilly Wyoming stars!
Now I'm just boring you all.. so I'll wrap it up.. but gotta say I loved my last 7.5-er through the gorgeous canyon in the BRISK mornin' air.. and somehow pulled out 7 minute miles again, making me feel like a supa-star for just a quick moment in life.
Every one ran their little exhausted guts out-- so proud of all of em'..
and woo-EEE did it feel good to hit Teton Village at the finish line.. fill our achin' bellies.. and lay in the mountain sun awaiting the 2nd van.

We even got medals. And random male competitors hanging out in our picture.

Loved every second of it.
Let's do this again real soon.


Jana said...

You ladies are amazing!! Glad to hear it was fun! You are all dar-lin!

Shareen said...

Whoo hoo Katie! Thats awesome! I loved the Ragnar sooo much but think i would have enoyed a bit of your chilly :) It was BLAZIN hot! Great job on your times and all.

Derek and Bre said...

It was so fun and you are seriously a running rock star! I have been having withdrawls from all my lightning ladies though, we need to get together and laugh at all the pictures!

Dave and Mel said...

Loved the blog. You really brought our trip back to life. It was actually 9 pillow in the car though...just thought that should be clarified. Lightning Ladies forever!!!

kristina said...

Katy you are awesome! Way to go- 7 min. miles?! I am impressed! So fun to see your cute pictures. You look great!

Jocelin said...

It's true -- your 7:00 miles blew us all away. Had we known, we would have had you run a few extra legs and set our team up for the gold medal. You spanked this race and your speed is inspiring. (Dear reader: Katy was referred to as a "gazelle-like runner." Everyone knows that is the ultimate compliment.)
You are a fantastic teammate and you made this experience all the more fun. Thanks and congrats on an amazing performance. You rock!

PS - no hard feelings for posting that heinous picture of me.

Suzie Petunia said...

SEVEN MINUTE MILES????!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING! You ARE a rock star! I've done a few relays like this, and I know how awful/wonderful it is! Never had to poop behind a barn, but each race has its unique joys. Well done!! You are amazing!

Carrie Ann said...

Who are you? How come you can run 7 minute miles? I am seriously impressed! I am glad you all survived and that you made it seem like fun (even though I know it wasn't).

Clarice said...

Ah those were good times had by as for a repeat we would need to change our sleeping arrangements for sure! No more using towels as blankets!!

Emma Jo said...

OK seriously, the word impressed does not even cut it...7 minute miles?!! I don't think I could do that on a scooter, going downhill. You guys are gorgeous and fun an oh so amazing...I bow to your talent, drive, stamina and sense of adventure!

Brynne said...

And to think of the judgments that used to once be yours...towards waking more than an hour a are officially now one of us! Muwahahaha! Welcome to Club Crazy, my friend! It's a good time and oh so addicting!!!

P.S. Still can't get over the fact that your pace is 7 min/miles these days! DANG!

Julie said...

Little behind the blog world what with getting a daughter off to college and all. All I can say is WOW!! As if women aren't tortured enough with childbirth, motherhood.... lets run and poop behind a barn. Sounds awesome! You're crazy but I love ya!

Heather Zwygart said...

Great pic's Katy I really should have had these to add to the dvd!! All except the one of me sticking my tounge out the the sky? What is up with that!! You are an amazing runner I was so impressed. And Yes you do look like a gazelle!!

Abby said...

WOW. So much to comment on:
1. You are pretty.
2. You are fast. I am supe impressed at those mile splits. Super duper impressed.
3. MOMs can look that hot and be that athletic? What?
4. Looks so FUN! Socializing AND productive and so enjoyable.
5. Why won't my baby let me set him down?

Abby said...

Oh, and let's talk about the pooping behind the barn someday...sounds like a juicy story. (Too far?)

mo said...

And I think you are crazy...but fun. I am very seriously impressed that you would even attempt such a thing...and then 7 minute miles? Okay--that is amazing.