Monday, February 23, 2009

Can I Get A "Yee-Haw"???

Yeah. That's me and Trace Adkins.. case you were wonderin'!
(Sidenote: Trace Atkins is a country STAR.. for those of you not blessed with the gift of country music in your sad little lives!)
He wasn't NEAR as enthusastic about our meeting as I was.. but he was a gentlemen, and avoided getting that permanant marker in his hand, on my cute shirt.
Last weekend I had my big trip to Kansas City
with my Rees Ladies! (Jasens 3 sisters and Mom.)

One of his sisters (The one to the very left that lives in Nashville.. who usually has her eyes OPEN!)used to be Trace Adkins wife's personal assistant.
So 5 free tickets and 5 backstage passes later.. we were THERE!

And WOO-EE-shut-my MOUTH did we have a good time!
(I also enjoyed the hotel..)

Not only did the lobby have a REALLY cool floor..
(do you think there's many germs on a hotel/casino floor??)

But cigarettes in the casino were only six bucks a pack! Bonus!

It was a honky-tonk-ba-donk-a-tonk-time. Thanks girls.


gracie said...

Okay, I'm jealous. Of all the concerts I've been to, I've never been backstage or met the star in person! Cute pictures - looks like you had a wonderful time! And how tall is Mr. Badonkadonk, by the way???

Brynne said...

The jeans? Great investment, worth every penny! They look great on you. Kinda a little surprised you didn't swipe that permanent marker from him to keep with your Tim McGraw waterbottle--what? Trace isn't worth carrying around momentos of? And the sister right next to Jasen's mom could not look any more like Jasen!

I am impressed with how close your brush to stardom was--I think the closest I've gotten was like 5 feet away from Michael Jordan (which was A-MA-ZING) when I was 16. But you are all over famous people--Oprah, Tim, now Trace. You'll fit right in when you become a celeb film writer yourself! :) (When you do, can I get my picture with you and have your used waterbottle? ha!)

Julie said...

I noticed Brynne listed your famous people moments - but she left the highlight out - PAT SAJAK & VANNA WHITE. You are a celebrity magnet. Looks like you girls had a fun weekend ( or 24 hours) and that Barb has a smile on her face. So does Dennis I'm sure.

Jana said...

Looks like a loT of fun... Now that I am a country fan, I am totally jealous! I really want to go to Rascal Flatts this week but to tight to pay the price for tickets!!

Love the boots, your one hot cowgirl!!!

Amy Lynn said...

Oh, that sounds like oodles of fun! Fun people, great concert, famous person...and fabulous jeans! They are spectacular on you!

elimy said...

There is nothing like the atmosphere in a country concert. The attire is hillarious and most of the people get so drunk they think they are the ones everyone has come to watch sing. That is so neat that you got to go backstage and meet him. I went to Celine on Sunday with my mom and sisters. It was a much more laid back crowd than a country one. I did reenact the scene in the Titanic over the railing in front of me when she sang My Heart Will Go On. You would have been proud.

elimy said...

I forgot to ask if you got some looks for the spread eagle on the hotel lobby floor. Only you!

Clarice said...

I must say that you look like the one that should be signing the autographs. So jealous of the famous sighting, but more of the concert. I love going to concerts, but Jerry not so much. That was a pretty impressive floor, but also impressive that no one else walked in the shot while they were taking your picture, NICE!

Dave and Mel said...

You seem like a cowgirl, through and through. I should try that sometime. It looks like fun. (do they make maternity wranglers?)

emma jo said...

Um, awesome and fun and so cool. Does that cover it? And I am tremendously glad that he didn't get marker on your adorable shirt!!! (even though you DID lie down on the floor in it...I don't approve of that.) And there is something about cigarettes in a vending machine that makes me want them...even though I would feel like an idiot after feeding 6 $1 bills into it.

Abby said...

WOW--You keep getting these moments of fame over and over. Destiny? I'm glad he didn't get sharpie on your shirt--did he chat with you? Did he call you "little lady?" Isn't that how they all talk? I'm gonna say no on the germs on that pretty floor, just to keep the story a happy on in my didn't catch something afterwards, right?

Jocelin said...

Wow! What a trip. Loved the pics and seeing you bursting with excitement. You're like a little kid with little kid energy and enthusiasm.
You have got to read "Bitter Is The New Black," by Jen Lancaster. You'll laugh out loud.