Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who AM I??

So get this:
I started working out at a real live gym about a year ago.
Not that crazy.
But I recently began waking up at 6 am to go.
(Ya know, when it's creepy dark, and stupid cold out. Like, roosters aren't even ca-cawing yet.. THAT'S, the first bit-o-the crazy.)
I now not only do cardio, but lift weights. (It's kinda hard, and sorta burns, and I think I hate it-- but I just, keep, doing it.)
I do real guy push-ups.
I'm usually showered by 9:30-ish.. and then gather the hens eggs for my 11:00 omelet.
I still don't have a computer that runs, so for now, no longer sit and scroll through blogs and Facebook comments for hours on end..
and find that because of my early rising.. can barely stay awake for any trashy t.v. at all.
Freaked out yet??
Anyone who truly claims to know me at all, maybe should be.
Cause the Katy I know personally.. loves to sleep, only jogs, keeps showering to a tri-weekly event at best.. doesn't raise poultry, and certainly never goes to bed before 2am, especially not with a recorded Greys, unwatched.
So I repeat.. "Who, am I??


Emma Jo said...

This is where I would insert that mysterious music but I wouldn't really know how to write it. I mean, I guess when people get all on top of things like that I can't identify...wake up early, what? exercise, what? fresh eggs? Now that I could go for. I am so super impressed with it all...except for the not blogging part.

kristina said...

Your still the amazing Katy we all know and love! Way to go with the weight lifting! I wish I lived by you so I could go with you! So, do ya want to move to AZ?? :)

Clarice said...

I find that my kids no longer sleep past 7 since that stupid time change I get A LOT done in the morning instead of just barely getting people dressed. I too would prefer things go back to how they were!!

Brynne said...

I think you are slowly morphing into your neighbor two doors've already registered for a triathlon, haven't you? Just admit it, you are secretly swimming even though you pretend to hate the idea of it. Remember when you felt that way about weights? This new life, not so bad, eh?

Leese said...

amazing what can get accompished without FB! congrat's on the new you :) i've been getting up before the birds for way too long, but now that i get to work these insane holiday hours (you know just what i mean!) i'm finding it a little harder to get out of bed in the morning! thanks for the inspiration...getting up early tomorrow for sure!

Heather Zwygart said...

Brynne has you down, you know if you need to work on the swim you can tag along with me every mon, wed, and friday mornings at 5:30 am. As I pull out of my drive way I'm thinking the same thing as you!! CRAZY yet I still do it!

Amy Lynn said...

I love the days I get up at 6:00 a.m. but it happens VERY sporadically. I have found that watching the Bourne Identity series or Mission Impossible or James Bond (Daniel Craig kind) do have a tendency to get me up and down to the treadmill.

But boy push-ups?? Wow.

I miss you desperately in this blogging world...come back.

Abby said...

Oh dear, our baby is growing up!
I feel like a grown up when I do these things, let me re-phrase: when I can't stay up and have more important things to do than waste time. I am so very impressed with your productivity! You really have no idea how impressed, especially since the most productive thing I did yesterday was shower, buy wendy's, and sit on a park bench while the children got some vitamin D for probably the first time all week. I want to be your shadow...your very sluggish shadow.