Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well What's Not Cute About That??

Sophie turned 3 this year.. which means a few different things.
1. She is getting, bigger. And that's sad. Included in that fact-- is that she is growing out of some of my favorite outfits and shoes of hers, which is also, sad.
(May I mention, however.. that the latter has caused justification in purchasing new, fun, fall get-ups.. and that is not sad.
THAT, is fun.)
2. She has grown even fonder of eyeshadow, lip gloss, and anything with a "heel".
3. She still thinks boys kissing girls, is gross.. and that the boys on underwear packages WEARING underwear.. is even grosser.
4. She has learned to walk a fierce, imaginary catwalk.. and refers to herself as Emily pretty often, for no apparent reason.
(Oh.. and USES that phrase "for no apparent reason" on occasion.
Like the other night.. I hear a clunk.. and then there she was, running to me with tears streaming down her cheeks exclaiming,
"I just fell on the floor for NO APPARENT REASON!")
5. And really, the most important part.. and point of this particular entry..
the girl is finally old enough, to play KICKBALL.

Seriously.. I repeat.. WHAT is not cute about that??
She has been waiting all summer for this.
She loves her shirt, loves her hat, loves her coach.. and loves finally being the one to rake in the prized "after-snack."
She also highly enjoys being asked by her coach, "Where are ya gonna run to?"
So she can point really hard, at first base.

Here she is "digging in" with those versatile pink, flip-flops.
On the beach, or at a.. um.. kickball game-- where CAN'T you sport pink flip-flops?
I really did get her a pair of tennies after the first game.

Pink, "sparkly" tennies.. of course.


Jana said...

So cute! Love her in her pretty pink shirt!

ALO said...

Oh, what a fabulous idea! We don't have kickball teams here and I LOVE the sport. I was actually really good at kickball when I was younger...kick, run, wear cute shirt...what's not to love? She is ADORABLE? When do our girls get to live next door and be best friends?

Julie said...

Got quite the athlete on your hands there! Reminds me of when Madeline played soccer at 4 years old and was doing the Macarena on the field. So into the game!

Brynne said...

We heart kickball! Definitely the best part of being 3 and 4. Go Sophie Jo! I've witnessed it, the girl's got skills--we'll see you at the championship :) Livvy was devastated when I broke the news to her tonight that this is her last year.

Abby said...

Indeed, she is the cutest kickball player I have ever seen, and where can I find me a kickball team? How fun does THAT sound? Sign me up!