Thursday, March 26, 2009

I, Have A Problem.

For some.. it's chocolate. Others.. alcohol. For ME? It's made-up theme parties for no apparent reason. Yes.. me likes the parties.
I like to get enthused about an idea.. invite people to it.. and decorate the crap out of it. I like people to come and be together-- on an average night, say, a Wednesday in March for instance-- and chat and eat and laugh. Preferably in bizarre get-ups with bad make-up and dumb hair.
Like.. THIS:
If THAT'S not a perty wedding group.. don't know what is.
The most hilarious part.. is that dear Kaly, to the very left (the one with the awesome bangs) weighs maybe 90 pounds soakin' wet. That dress is SO flattering.
It was my very own "Wedding Party".. complete with brides, bridesmaids, and wedding albums to pass around, and mock, for hours.
There were out of date brides.. like myself. (Seriously. WHAT was I thinking 14 years ago? That one day there might be a run on bad sequined lace.. so I better get it ALL on one dress? Don't get me started on my headpiece..)
There were 'hat' brides..
(Complete with original green feather guest book pen. GORGEOUS.)
There were minimal brides..

and.. drunk.. brides..

Isn't she a vision??
The velour bridesmaids (or as I like to refer to them,
"Young Compound Brides")were a big hit..

And the discolored sweat ring velour.. even bigger.. hit.

So as you can see.. about 15 friends that are game.. and a few dollar store touches..

And ya got yourself a party.
My name is Katy. And I have a problem.


kelly said...

i would love to have a friend like you, i have one but it is only with twilight. you are so creative and fun! what a hoot!

Heather Zwygart said...

The picturea are great thanks for all the work you put in it was a great party!!

Heather Zwygart said...

The pictures are great thanks for all the work you put in it was a great party!!

Jocelin said...

Yeah! Those photos are everything I hoped for. You girls are absolutely hilarious!

Brynne said...

We fully embrace you and your "problem" that brings us so many good times! Poor Jessica, that "drunken bride" pic just does NOT do her the justice she deserves! She was one of the very few that was a hottie-patottie bride, and even looked good that night. Just that picture!

Really? You posted that at 7:46am? We need to have a party to celebrate you being awake and kickin at such an unheard of hour! :) Next thing you know you'll be joining us to swim at 7.

Abby said...

I wanna come to one of your problems! Lovin' the sweat ring. Hilarious.

mo said...

What a great way to beat the mid-March blahs! Who but you would think of a bride's party? Plus, what a great way to bring out all those expensive dresses that only get worn once--even if it is to make fun of them! I remember thinking your dress was very chic in the day. I got married the year the Romeo and Juliet movie was huge and everything was very "Juliet." Your mom looked darling in her red velvet high-waisted bridesmaid dress!

Clarice said...

I must say that I love attending your "addictions." Even though I didn't get to party as late as the rest of ya, it was a good time!

Leese said...

You just might have a problem...but what a great problem to have! looks like too much fun! and how awesome is it that after 14 years and 4 kids, you still fit into that mountain of lace! you're amazing!

Amy Lynn said...

Oh my fabulous party! And still fit in your wedding dress? I am all about the addictions that involve parties, food, digging through the old wardrobe and lots of friends. How I wish we lived closer...dang it.

Colette said...

I LOVE your problem. When is the next party?

emma jo said...

Oh can I please please please come to a party? I can't even begin to tell you how funny this is...I love the sweat ring..and tell me that you are not really zipped all the way into your wedding dress! I actually remember going to your reception and oogling at my beautiful cousin and her fancy dress...and if I recall correctly, you were nice and toasty from your honeymoon.

the wrath of khandrea said...

wait, i'm confused. you did this for fun? oh wait, that's right. you have a problem.

the sweat ring is the funniest, most disgusting thing i have ever seen. ever.