Sunday, July 5, 2009

One Lucky Mama.

It happened 13 years ago TODAY.
A tiny little sweet-faced boy, with blue eyes, and dark hair, with a tiny cowlick right at the top of his forehead..
was layed in my arms--
and I became a Mom, for the very first time ever.
I have now been proud to be his Mom, for 13 years..
(making not only myself, OBVIOUSLY very old..) but more importantly, HIM, a "teenager."
How lucky I am to have had him sent to me. How grateful I am that the Lord trusted me with such a dear little spirit. A little person who I would love beyond my ability to comprehend, and who would love me back, every single day. A little boy that would say things to melt my heart.. and at his PRECIOUS age of 3, would sing "Livin' The Vida Loca" into his stand up microphone, as many times as I asked him to.
He has always been my buddy.. my respectful, thoughtful, son.
He is now my funny, mature, loyal and responsible oldest sibling,
and smart, talented "young man".
He is his little brothers really cool hero..

and little sisters first choice of a shoulder to lean on.

He LOVES his cousins..

LOVES roller coasters..

LOVES snowboarding..

and LOVES the guitar.

I LOVE that he is mine.
Happy birthday my very first teenager. I love you forever.


Suzie Petunia said...

Oh my gosh! You have a TEENAGER! That simply isn't possible. You are too young! But he is a sweet kid, so I guess that's ok.

ALO said...

Oh, what a big mother milestone! He is SUCH an incredibly handsome, sweet, kind, cool, fun boy. I hope my 2 boys grow up to be just like him. Pass that on will ya? And tell him I hope he has a fabulous, very cool, very "teenager" birthday!!! (We are SO not old. We just had kids when we were really young!? Right?)

ALO said...

OK...not calling you a "big mother"...referring to the monumental occasion for a mother to have her first child become a teenager. It just sounded all wrong! Needed a clarification...

Brynne said...

I know I tell you this all the time, but you have such a gift with words, I LOVE your writing style. I hope you shared this post with your amazing teenager--not that he doesn't already know that you adore him, but just to let him see (read) you tell it to the world through your blog. Jesse is such an awesome guy--good, kind, talented, that I think I just might need him to marry my Ivey... :) Happy Birthday dude!

Jana said...

I loved that. So sweet. Happy Day to Jesse!

Abby said...

No way are you the mother of a teen! NO WAY! And what a lovely young man you've got there. Nicely done. You are a mom I look up to! (Oh, and I loved your tag answers, btw. I want to go out and buy you something hunter green and mauve immediately!)

emma jo said...

I would give birth to a boy right this very minute if I could be guaranteed that they would turn out as sweet and handsome as yours. Happy Birthday. (Maybe not RIGHT now, I would have to shave my legs first.)

Kristina said...

You are one lucky Mama to have such a great kid! Hope he had a great b-day!