Sunday, December 13, 2009

And Like THAT.. It Was Gone.

So my computer was up and running, for roughly 3 hours.
Don't get me wrong-- it was a great 3 hours.. but a short 3 hours.. and now it is over.
I think it's trying to mess with my head.
So here I sit.. once again bitterly typing out words with one cramping finger.. once again getting behind on life events.. and once again feeling disconnected from my ever-so-entertaining blogworld family!
But alas.. at this juncture (I don't believe I've ever actually written out the word, juncture. It is a word, right??)
we're finding cash for Christmas gifts trumps cash for computer tech.. so if ya all could just hang in there with me and keep the computer faith til' January.. I can promise you less bitterness, more posts.
So for tonight.. Instead of blogging late into the night-- I may comfort myself by indulging in an old habit and watch "Cougartown".
(Afterall.. I am now 38, and striving for Cougar status at all costs..)
For now I will just leave ya with Sophies latest life observation:
While pointing out that she did indeed have the hiccups, she asked,
"Mom, remember when Sam had the hiccups?"
To which, although uncertain of what specific case she was referring to, assumed he had at some point in his 10 years in fact had them,
I ofcourse answered,
"Yeah," she continued.. " I think I caught them from him."


Emma Jo said...

I will be mourning the loss of you for the rest of the month...please remedy the situation as soon as financially possible. We will be here waiting.

Clarice said...

That's pretty darn cute. I hope you enjoyed your Cougartown, it has become quite a favorite show of mine. I agree that presents probably trumps a computer right now and your kids will def thank you later!!

Jana said...

Glad to hear I am not the only one who gets a kick out of Cougartown~

And on the computer having issues I will make you envy me a little... Chad gave me a 27" Mac this weekend. Yep, it freaking rocks!!