Sunday, October 5, 2008

Worth The Weight..

For those who know me well.. you know, that a cook, I am not. And a 'good cook', I'm SO not. I do feed my family on a regular basis (that's the rule, right?) and although it may not be shockingly tasty.. is usually somewhat healthy ( I heart organic) and mildly filling. It just seems every time I've risked trying out a new recipe-- my family takes the first bite, and gives me that "Really Mom?" look. I vividly remember being embarrassingly impressed with myself for picking up what looked like 'fancy' marinated pork chops from the meat department (did I mention I'm a tad intimidated by that particular department? The men in their white coats and bloody gloves. Disturbing.) I sat to the table that night relatively confident that I would receive only positive feedback for my exciting entree.. as one by one each member of the group.. kids and hubby alike.. enthusiastically tried it, chewed it, and then shared their subtle, but clear disdain for the food in front of them. I should mention that in my enthusiasm over purchasing something different as our main dish and sure that the shape alone would distract and engage the troops.. I had let the side items slide.. and next to the big attraction, was only white rice, spray buttered broccoli.. and some pathetic looking sliced wheat bread on a plate.So there they all sat.. picking at plain rice and dry bread. Couldn't help but giggle. Something about that particular nights failure.. about that millionth mediocre meal.. and the fact that I'd actually believed it MIGHT be tasty.. just struck me as hilarious. Without warning, my giggle broke out in to one of my 'can't stand it' laughing fits. Laughed so hard, and so long, tears rolled down my face, as my family looked on utterly confused, wondering WHAT was so funny about bad pork chops. So. You can imagine my surprise, when after recently trying a new homemade Alfredo recipe-- EVERYONE loved it. Like, LOVED it loved it. Asked for seconds loved it. Ask for LEFTOVERS loved it. It was crazy. What adds to my giddiness, is that not only is it truly dee-lish.. it's stupid easy. The only downfall I can pinpoint, (and therefore the only reason I haven't decided to make it morning, noon, and night..) is that I'm pretty sure it holds at LEAST 1,000 calories per serving. I'm sure that as a family unit we would all die early and obese deaths, if I don't take some responsibility on regulating our intake of this paticular dish. But being that swimsuit season is over for a while anyway.. I will now post the recipe I have lovingly named 'Alfredo for All'. They will ALL eat it. I swear. It's good over any kind of noodles,(and if you're feeling over-achiever, grill some chicken to throw in it.. but don't feel you must.) READY?

1 pint heavy cream
1 stick butter
1/2 package cream cheese (or throw the whole thing in if ya want it crazy thick.)
1 cup parmesan cheese (feel free to add more!)
1 cup milk (I use skim, but whatever.)
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder ( I was out and used garlic salt, and it was fine too.)

Got it?? (Gained a little around the middle just reading it?)
So just melt the cream cheese and butter.. add everything else, and make sure to simmer it enough to get the parm good and melted in there.. then loosen your belt!
May you have many happy, easy, unusually fattening mealtimes ahead.


Leese said...

I think I need to go run a few miles just from reading about that! Have to admit, I wrote down the recipe and will try it this week. My family won't eat anything that's off the regular menu either- drives me crazy. If I eat tacos one more time...

Amy Lynn said...

I love any recipe that starts with "heavy cream and butter". If you want the same effect without the cream cheese and stuff, check out the Knorr's packet (little green and yellow thing) that has the alfredo powder that you mix with a couple things and dump over your pasta. Mix in a little of those bacon bits and voila! delicious alfredo sauce!

Amy Lynn said...

I seriously can't believe I just shared a cooking tip. I'm overcome with some sort of mature Martha Stewart moment. I may have to go eat an Oreo and lay down for a bit.

Abby said...

Yummy! I am just impressed at people who feed their family every night and don't run to Cafe Rio once [or twice] a week. Um...can I just say my heart stopped a little when I saw the link to my mom's blog? I wanted it to be a link to MY aunt bonnie's blog. Oh well...

The Johnson's said...

hey thanks for the dressing recipe--I'm totally going to try it! Your blog is great! You can even teach me a few tricks!

emma jo said...

Wait, you use skim milk...that totally negates like 700 of the 1000 calories.
Love me some alfredo. mm.

Suzie Petunia said...

Seriously. If the calorie content doesn't kill us all on the spot, the sheer amount of lactose will (Taylor is "intolerant", but I always forget when making dinner). But it sounds delicious, so of course its worth a shot!

A ward in my stake keeps this blog with their family-approved, easy recipes. Here is the address:

The address alone "speaks" to me. :)