Thursday, March 19, 2009

jUsT A TAD biT oVerWhELmeD..

I'm happy.. alot. I find joy in gorgeous weather and cute clothes.. good frozen yogurt-- and great reality T.V. I like going overboard on holidays.. and laughing at inappropriate things on occasion. I love sitting in the sunshine.. jogging.. talking to human beings-- and raising the ones that are my own.
In fact.. I often think that I enjoy motherhood in particular, more than most people.. and consider that a blessing. I find so much more fun and satisfaction, than stress, in being the Mom. I'm grateful I'm not very easily overwhelmed.. and secretly find a lot of pride in what a fine job I do at loving those I love.
But tonight.. just at the present moment.. I'm feeling just a little, um, stressed.
First off. My Jesse. My oldest.. my responsible, good, boy. He works his tail off to get excellent grades, and is a great brother to every last one of his little siblings. He is also in middle-school..and therefore must deal with middle-school crap. He fights his insecurities daily.. and has no idea what an amazing kid he matter how many times we remind him.
My Sam. He is enthusiastic and loving and goofy. He cannot seem to comprehend anything mathematical no matter how hard I try to help, and is falling behind. He needs constant prodding.. pushing.. 'nagging' if you will.. to get anything done. Anything.
My Bo is eager and cuddly and sweet. He will also, not wear half the clothes he owns, and has severe growing pains on an hourly basis-- that he feels it necessary to moan VERY loudly about.. for quite some time.
Sophie is hilarious and ridiculously enjoyable..
but will not pee on the potty to save my life.
Oh.. and did I mention I need to keep these little beings clean, their teeth brushed, their hair cut, their clothes laundered, their shoes the right size,and all of them nourished with all 5 food groups? And in bed before midnight.
I'm up to my bum in flash cards, socks without matches, and dishes.
In the scheme-o-things.. I am blessed beyond belief.
Tomorrow I will wake up refreshed, in love with my life, and confident I can handle it all.
The strengths will outweigh the weaknesses.
The love will overshadow the worry.
My boys laughter and the joy in seeing Sophies crazy morning hair, will overcome me.
So not sure why.. but tonight.. the challenge to successfully help them all develop mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually .. it's just a little much.
Ya think?


Colette said...

Nice Post. Totally agree with you.
I think every mother has been there and done that.

Jana said...

Great post...

It fits my life to a tee. Being a Mom is the best job I could ask for but at the same time it is A LOT of work to make sure that they are healthy and happy...

It's good to know I am not the only one who is overwhelmed at times....

Heather Zwygart said...

I agree 100% especially right now all my kids have been sick, especially Zadie If she cries one more time I think I'm going to loose it! But on the other hand my kids asked me yesterday what I wanted to be when I grew up... I don't remember wanting to be anything but a mom. And I love it 90% of the time!Like they say it is the hardest but most rewarding job in the world!

Clarice said...

I agree that being a mom is awesome and wouldn't want any other job in the world, but ya sometimes wish I had an easy button to push to get my kids in bed without crying, get them healthy without the sleepless nights, and just be nice to each in general all of the time. I guess we have to have those moments so that we really enjoy the moments when they are actually all happy and healthy. Usually the day after I think, man I love being a mom, is the worst day of the week!!

Amy Lynn said...

Oh, I'm so there. Our second children may be twins separated at birth. Matt's teacher has actually resorted to putting M&M's on his desk that he has to "guard" in order to get him to face forward and pay attention. It is ALL about the motivation with him.

Hannah JUST started using the toliet THIS week (she is 4 years, 3months, and 27 days). It hasn't been perfect but it is starting to be there.

Have you ever heard of the book called "Enemy Pie"? I don't know...all about a bully that a kid has to figure out how to make a friend. Might be way too young for your Jesse. Have you tried having Jasen going over to the school and threatening the CRAP out of the kids? I can handle lots of crap but NOT THAT KIND OF CRAP!!!

Eat ice-cream, go to bed, sleep, and things always seem better in the morning.

Thank you for the honest reminder of why motherhood is the best and hardest job we will ever do!!!!

Julie said...

Remember the old "Calgon, take me away!" commercial? Or am I totally dating myself by saying I remember that. As I recall the Mom was quite stressed by the ringing phone, dog barking. dinner steaming over on the stove... gee, what was her problem? That's a pretty normal, non stressful day, isn't it? Sorry you were having one of those days! How I wish I was there to lighten the burden and see Sophie's crazy morning hair and have Michael go talk sense into those punks.

mo said...

Been there, done that, and somehow lived through it all. You're an amazing mom and I promise it is all very much worth the stress.
About the bully--ask Abby what she did to handle a bully on her bus. She shut him down for good. I was so proud of her.