Friday, June 5, 2009

So That's What Grown-Ups Do..

Tonight we went on a "double date" with our friends from Nibley. Whenever we get together, we usually meet up with all our kids at one of our houses.. cook dinner and dessert together-- and have great but often interrupted conversation.. interspersed with a diaper or two, and always one minor, but emotional, child injury.
So tonight we decided to go out all by ourselves.
I put on my 'fancy' pants, and actually "did" my hair.
We chose a restaurant that WE grown-ups felt like.. and got seated immediately on a Friday night , cause there were only 4 of us-- (instead of the 12 we would of been with the kids.)
I didn't have to tell one person to NOT crawl under the table, cause it's bad manners, and really gross.
We talked, and laughed about stuff 8 year olds wouldn't get.
We didn't have to take anyone to the bathroom, or wipe up any spilled drinks.
I only had to cut my own food.
It was lovely.


Clarice said...

It's amazing how much stuff you can talk about when you don't have to stop mid-sentence to stop kids from being kids!! Love date nights!

Jana said...

Fun night!!

emma jo said...

Oh, I miss doing adult things. Sometimes I wait to eat dinner until the kids are in bed so I can just enjoy food period. Love it.

Heather Zwygart said...

Good for you guys that is what we need sometimes to remember we are adults still!

Abby said...

Thank you for reminding me to email my in-laws with a new babysitting rotaion--seriously. Our old one ended and I REALLY need a date ALONE with my hubby!

Stef said...

That's awesome, sort of surprising that we even know how to act without our kids there to do the entertaining.

me and him said...

no way! that's really what grown-ups do?? how would it be? i can't remember the last time i was at a resturant without cleaning up several spilled drinks!