Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pathetic Much??

SOOOOO.. nothin' really.
It's just that I just finished preparing, and eating, a pretty mediocre, yet filling (and isn't that the real point?)dinner.. and am so dreading the clean-up
that I thought maybe if I sat here mustering up something to blog about,
I could put it off for just a minute longer.
But alas... I got nothin'.
I COULD go on about how much it pleases me that my dog was groomed today leaving him smelling much less "dog" than before.. and how much it DISpleases me that Sophie has been LOSING it over pretty much anything that happens in an average day..
and that I found a pair of jamma pants at Old Navy..
and that upon reading the nutritional info at Panda Express today--
I could simply not, finish, my meal.
But none of that is all that interesting.
So I guess I'll do the dishes..
cause I can already see the pasta starting to harden to the sides of the bowls.


elimy said...

Nothing will make the kitchen clean itself! Trust me I've tried a lot of things! I really wish sometimes that I was Mary Poppins! Life would be so much more pleasant! Better to get it done before bed though so you don't have to wake up to an even harder mess to clean up!

Julie said...

See how talented you are. You made a blog post out of nothing! You can send Sophie to us for a week. We'd love to have her.

M-L said...

after dinner disasters are never fun to clean up and with so many of us, the kitchen always looks so messy after the main meal of the day! I am glad you got a little break before taking it on!
I am always looking for pajama bottoms at Old Navy! lucky woman!

Abby said...

The pj bottoms would make my day...better yet, having your body to put them on would just be fabulous...

Abby said...

In answer to your comment, If only I hadn't seriously dated a Jake for a lot of years...otherwise you're right, it sounds cute with my last name. (It's bad enough that Caleb happens to be the name of my first kiss...oops.) And the blue dresser color is even better bc it was free--my sister in law bought it five years ago to paint her laundry room and never used it! What? I think she might change her mind though...after seeing it in happy action.
Evermore "Aqua Chintz" from the Home Depot. Bless you for validating me today!