Friday, October 29, 2010

Why I Heart Payday.

Because when you only have $1.49 left in the bank.. you're out of milk.. and gas..and you're pretty sure another overdue Redbox fee is pending out there somewhere-- it gets stressful.
Maybe it's time we started that crazy concept called,
To those of you who are payed, as we are, every other Friday..
and today is that day..
Happy-Happy Payday, to you.


Brynne said...
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Brynne said...

These are the things you'll miss, keepin' it real, $1.49 balance, showers falling on you, super-glue stained cupboard knobs, washing dishes by hand, fans in the summer (what hoitie-toitie needs AC anyway?), you know, the good stuff :)

Lucky Mommy said...

Have the coupons ready to go to get some much needed stuff! I have started a budget just this last pay period and I didn't go into single digits! Happy restocking!

Emma Jo said...

Ditto, except we were wayyy richer with 12.73. It's like watching the clock waiting for midnight to hit.

Abby said...

Oh I hear this more than you know. Amen, sista. AMEN.

Suzie Petunia said...

Maybe this will make you feel better?

I ran out of gas last payday before I could make it to the gas station. I sat in my dirty van full of kids on the busiest street in my town waiting for my husband to rescue me. Thank goodness he had JUST come home from work.

I'm grateful my husband has a job! And I am oh-so-grateful for payday! Let me know if that budgeting thing works out and if I should try it.