Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happiness is...

My husband.
I like him in his Ray-bans.. with a fresh haircut.. looking business-like on the phone. I looked out one night to see him pull up, and then linger in the driveway with a call from work.. and he looked cute. So I took his picture.
I don't think he knows I did.


How proud Bo was of his tiny snowman. Everytime I see this picture.. I'm pretty much as happy as he was with himself, at that moment.

And then.. Sophie.

In her rag-a-muff princess get-up.. again. And everyday.

Just some stuff that makes me happy.


Stef said...

Your post made me smile too. Isn't it amazing what little things bring us happiness.

That snowman rocks!!!

Denise said...

Love the snowman, the shots look nice, and the princess dress....where can I get one???

Heather Zwygart said...

Way cute post I love the simple things in life!

Amy Lynn said...

Oh, that made me happy too! Love your family...and I love how much you love them!!!

Julie said...

Thanks for reminding us why we love the Rees's so much. We miss you!

emma jo said...

Happy is just so happy! Is that a ridiculous thing to say? It's just true. You are such handsome people.