Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here Comes Santa Clause, Here Comes Santa Clau-- I Mean, GRANDMA!

So.. we don't get "out" much. By out.. I mean-- outta the valley.
Oh sure.. we hit Kohls (I heart purchasing things) or Petsmart (it smells), I go to the grocery store (Ew.) and birthdays always demand a visit to our local sizzler (Mmm.) but as far as real, so-called "outings", I'm a little shocked and appalled and how NOT often we go anywhere MORE than 10 miles away.. and how much I don't mind.
But I gotta admit.. darling as our little town is.. now and then ya get a case of the 'gotta-get-me-outta-here's'-- so HOW much funner (I know, not a word.. but I like it) could it get.. than gettin' on outta here, to go to DisneyWorld??
Not much!
Jasens sweet Mom, (who mind you.. lost Jasens darling Dad only months ago..) has had "A wish upon a star" to take all of her kids, and grandkids-- to Disney.
And now she is. This cute lady, who could be only sad, and bitter, and stash her little widows mite under her matress-- isn't. She is sad. Terribly so. But is finding so much joy in giving, it is something to be amazed by.
If I wasn't an idiot.. I could download the video of our kids with their cousins last week, opening up the suprise invitations to the big vacation. SO fun. But I am an idiot.. and can't figure out HOW to download that video.. so just trust me-- it was fun. My kids have never been-- and are giddy with excitement.
I'M giddy with excitement.
As if that in itself wasn't enough.. yesterday we recieved this humungous (I like that word too..) box from Grandma.. with just about everything 4 kids need for a trip to Florida. WHAT a party.

Swimsuits for all!

Happenin' little athletic get-ups.. and wallets! Kids, love wallets.

Fresh t-shirts (Moms, love fresh t-shirts.) And stylin' shades for the sunshine state! (Can you FEEL Bo's coolness?)

And ofcourse.. what trip to Disney and all it's princesses therein.. is complete without a mini princess's new pink and poofy princess dress..

(Cinderella ain't got nothin' on her..)
Oh.. and monogrammed pool bag.. cause what 3 year old doesn't, have a monogrammed flamingo pool bag?

It really, truly, is.. Christmas in April.
Grandma is everything Christmas is. Loving. Cozy. Giving.
Thank you Grams. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Kristina said...

What a great gift from Jason's Mom!! That is so sweet of her. I'm so excited for you and your family! Have a great time!! :)

Jana said...

How fun! What a great time with your cute family...


Brynne said...

What a fun package! Some icing on that awesome Disney cake, I mean trip, you've got coming! I can help you load your video if you want--let me know.

Julie said...

I can feel the excitement factor through those pics. So glad you guys are getting the chance to do this. Barb is great!

The Johnson's said...

How fun---when do you go? I love surprises like that!! Enjoy a much deserved trip!

Heather Zwygart said...

What an awesome present, That is what I want to do some day ! Why save the money you can't take with you, enjoy it while you can!!

Carrie Ann said...

How do grandmas know that kids like wallets? Because it is totally true, but how did she know that? Lucky, lucky kids...

Amy Lynn said...

I can't think of a dreamier thing to have happen in life. What an amazing grandma who knows how to make a fun trip even more spectacular! Have a glorious time! (You can't miss with a flamingo pool bag and wallets!)

Carrie Anne said...

katy!! i just found your blog! so fun! i hope you are doing well & have the best time in FL...i'd love to get away from the snow!!!! it's about time for spring/summer to come & STAY!:)

me and him said...

how do we get on this grandma's list?