Monday, April 13, 2009

What Easter Is To Me..

Coordinated outfits.. check.

One eager-egg preparer.. check, check.

One very enthusiatic bunny. (Do you like the way her silky nighty accentuates her belly?)

Two pre-feast naps.

Cute paper goods and centerpiece. All must-haves.

Hot buns in the oven. (Almost as important as the ham. And hey.. stop looking at my dirty oven already. I'll get around to it.)

One post-feast egg hunt.

The egg-hiders..

The egg-seekers.

And best of all.. hearing Sophie attempt to say the word 'Ressurection'--
and then recite the story of that very ressurection, to her brothers.
To me.. that's Easter. Hope yours was a happy one.


Jana said...

Such a cute family. Love the outfits.

Brynne said...

You might kill me for this--but the red barn that I know you adore actually makes a REALLY cute background for pictures! I love the boys' shirts, glad I got to see them here since I missed it on Sunday. Your dyed eggs turned out much better than ours--no more using expired Paas packs for us, we're gonna keep it fresh from now on!

Heather Zwygart said...

Love the outfits!! Looks like a great easter at the Reeses!!

Abby said...

The crispy, coordinating cuteness almost hurts. They are beautiful in their Easter attire! And I'm excited for your trip to Disney World! What a treat! By the way, how do you get husbands to smile like that? I wouldn't know.

Julie said...

Love to see our cute Rees cousins all stylish in their cute Easter fancy. The boys look so old. Even Sophie, they are growing up too fast. STOP it!!!

Stef said...

Very nice!

Kristina said...

Katy, your family is beautiful! You are sooo good about always making sure they all look perfect! You are the cutest Mom! :)

Amy Lynn said...

Oh, all the fabulous things I love about Easter. Except now I have a boy with an opinion about what he wears and it really put a big crimp in the "coordinated" outfits this year. And I'm ashamed that we don't dye easter eggs. Colored dye and children give me you think they'll turn out OK anyway?