Friday, March 19, 2010


Whadda' ya know.. crashed again.
Those guys at the repair shop have hardly earned their computer geek status. Bad glasses alone, apparantley do not a skilled- techy make. (Kiddin' nerdy dudes. Don't go erasing my identity now..)
I actually think it's a bung-computer issue, more than a they're not-nerdy enough issue.. but I find mocking others somehow eases my frusteration.
So it's back in the shop.
With the nerdy dudes.
We can only hope for the best.
If it never runs again.. it was sure fun while it lasted.


Emma Jo said...

NOOOOOOO! That is me shaking me fists at the heavens in your behalf. Perhaps we should just start a fund where all of your fans send you absorbent amounts of cash to just buy you a shiny new computer. The blog world needs you and your whit. Can I pray for the nerdy geek guys to fix it faster?

Amy Lynn said...

I'm so sad. Really, deeply, tragically sad! Rest assured that if I had any money, it would be yours. I NEED you! Please nerdy men, bring her back to us!

Julie said...

That is so wrong and I feel your pain. My internet was down today for just a short while and I felt panic setting in. Hope the geek squad gets it fixed soon.

Jana said...

Go buy a Mac and all your problems will be solved!!