Sunday, March 7, 2010

Well HELLO There!

No really. It's ME! KATY!!
(Did you wet yourselves just a teeny bit??)
And I'm not even at the public library! I'm in my very own house.. on my very own chair.. in front of my very own.. wait for it.. PROFESSIONALLY REPAIRED, no-joke, computer!
I've never felt so high.
It has been OVER 3 months.. as in.. maybe even 100 days, since I have had any real kind of consistant cyber-world access, and I kinda feel like the 5th grader that moved away for her Dads job that didn't work out so has moved into Grandmas house back in her home town, showing up at middle school hoping her old friends let her sit at the lunch table! Do you even REMEMBER me?? Does my family look VAGUELY familiar?? Take a minute.
It'll come to you.
Oh the moments I have missed!! The posts that have past me by!! Is blogging even still a THING?? Are there new trends and fonts I'm behind on?? Am I allowed back in??
I feel, so, BEHIND. But I'm a fighter..and determined to forge ahead.. not dwelling on the past (or even really making a fervent effort to catch up on yours, or mine.. cause that's just overwhelming-- and a given that children would miss feedings, and underwear would not get washed.) SO! I'm startin' fresh!
Join me.. won't you??
(Unless ofcourse, a newer, even cooler girl moved in on my side bar slot on your own blog, ya know, while I was away.. and you must choose to leave me behind. Understandable. Hurtful.. but understandable.)
But being that it has been, winter.. and it is still, COLD.. ya really haven't missed out on much from me. Lots of driving Jesse to school.. searching for the perfect work-out pant, watering the chickens, and singing Taylor Swift songs really, really loud.
WOW. Maybe it's an O.K thing I haven't been here to bore you to falling tears.
So for now.. I will just delight in the fact that I will have access to all of YOUR adventures.. and leave you with some of the things that have come out of my kids mouths lately that entertain me WAY more than the Redbox rentals I've been checking out.. (Example: 2012. Really? Honestly if that limo, or plane, barely missed one more falling building or piece of flying schrapnel, I was gonna lose it.)
So here's just a few of my latest favorites:
(Note.. I'm not forgetting that I have a son Jesse.. it's just that being 13 and all, he prefer I don't quote him so much.)

Sam, while lacing up his shoes for school, casually asked,
"Mom, do you know what a 'pimp-slap' is?"

Bo, when asked by his brother why he felt he should be allowed to play such mature games on the X-BOX, responded:
"I don't know. I just like them. Don't judge me."

And Sophie, when questioned about her possible need for a fresh pair of undies, replied,
"I don't know Mom. Smell if they smell JUICY."

On that note..
real glad to be back.


Jana said...

I am thrilled you are back!!

I know you have been pretty much lost without me so go ahead and click on over and check me out!!

Can't wait to read all about you and yours~

Colette said...

Sooooooo happy you are back! I was thinking about hauling a computer over to your house but, you saved me the trip. Yeah!!

Brynne said...

I really can't tell you how pleased I am to have you back, girlfriend! So glad you're a fighter and gonna pull through :) Love the quotes from the kiddos by the way!

Derek and Bre said...

Oh how we've missed you! Glad your back and glad to get my fix of the cute things Sophie says!

gracie said...

Katy dear, I have missed you! Bet ya didn't know that I love to read your blogs. You just have a way that makes me well, smile. So yes, I'm definitely thrilled you're back. Hope your computer continues to thrive along with your gift for words. Love the kiddo's comments by the way.

Emma Jo said...

Oh the joy of having you and your adorable and hilarious family back...and how sweet that you assumed that most of us need a good reason to wet ourselves a little. But I am so overjoyed to have your bloggy blog back in my life. You should get some kind of prize for being that long without a computer. Here, I will give you one.
You get THE AMAZING MODERN DAY PIONEER WHO IS SO FUNNY AND TALENTED AND ALSO REALLY PRETTY award. Please accept it with my love and adoration as your loving cousin out East.
Welcome back.

Amy Lynn said...

Oh dear. Don't ever do that again...I truly missed you so! Welcome back...and I one will EVER be cooler on my sidebar than you! :>)

Heather Zwygart said...

Welcome back, I almost missed this!! I was scrolling down and what to my surprise an update!! I was so excited!! Glad your back on board!

Julie said...

I don't know how you did it. I think we would have been making daily trips to the library or Kinko's to get my fix of online entertainment. I bet your house stayed really clean! So glad you're back - and so glad you posted over at my place, and yes I was a tiny bit confused about who Sam was till you clarified.

Lucky Mommy said...

Hurray! I look forward to more cute quotes and adventures.

elimy said...


Clarice said...

It's a good thing we had playgroup during this abscence so I still got my Katy fix once a week....with that said I am pumped you are back in the blog world!!

Keith said...

I can't decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I appear to be the only male in your audience. Either way, it's good to have you back. Maybe you'll inspire me to get back on the horse, too...