Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Still Not Over It.. (Refer To Previous Post)

As Bo was downing his morning bowl of Pops..
(WHAT? Don't judge me. They claim to now have fiber.)
I was going over his new list of vocab words with him.
This is always entertaining because he often chooses a facial expression , instead of words, to express the words meaning. Today the word "stare", was displayed in a precise, and unusually piercing, bug-eyed, stare.
Next word.. "regret".
He sighed, and explained..
"Like, when you do something, and then you wish you hadn't of."
Then he quietly added..
"Like the Panda Fun Run."



Colette said...

That made me chuckle too.

Abby said...

Chuckle indeed. He's a funny kid.

Emma Jo said...

I love kids.

Brynne said...

Poor guy, who knew it would have such a lasting traumatic effect on him?!

Clarice said...

That is awesome!! I guess that means you won't have to worry about next year!