Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big News. HUGE.

So WHAT does Jasen resemble in this here photo folks??

Utahs newest Kohls DISTRICT MANAGER you say??
You are CORRECT!! Nice guess.
(Insert The Jeffersons "Movin' On Up" jingle..)
My oh my has the man arrived!
After a whirlwind of the last D.M. suddenly resigning, and 4 high-stress interviews with the Kohls big-wig bad boys in Wisconsin.. he WOW'd them so hard they called him 4 hours later.. on his lay-over home, to offer him the gig!
We're so proud. (Of him.. obviously-- but I personally just plan on becoming more 'proud' in general, as in, stuck up. I'm a D.M.'s wife. Prepare yourselves.)
We are actually quite humbled by the whole event.
For all kinds of reasons, the timing was literally, divine.
Jasen has worked his tight little tail off for over 7 years with Kohls, and I think has earned every bit of his latest recognition. There was not a better man for the job! Both his peers and superiors at work have been so supportive and siked for him.
We are excited about so much of what it means..
(like finally putting the loyal, yet oh-so-trashed KIA's,
to rest..) but our hearts are breakin' just a little bit every time we remember it means leaving our precious little Cache Valley, and the people here we have come to simply ADORE.
The promotion demands we move more "central" to the Salt Lake City area..
so this is where y'all come in..
any suggestions??
We are leaning towards South Jordan.. Daybreak in particular (not only is it darling.. but my cousin and her husband who already live there.. are even MORE darling..) and Jasens equally darling sister and family are in Herriman.
Talk to me kids.
We may just rent for awhile being that we aren't sure (along with our credit being TOAST from having to short sale our St. Louis home..)
so let me know what ya got for me.
I'll be waiting.


The Johnson's said...

So sad to see you go!! I think that area sounds nice---I like Riverton/Herriman. So much going on there (lots of fun growth). Congrats to Jasen! Oh and I saw your new ride in the driveway--NICE!!

Emma Jo said...

First of all, SOOOO CONGRATULATIONS (that means lots of So's) and I think to celebrate I might just jaunt over to our local Kohls and buy something for myself. I may even lean ever so casually over the counter and say with a smirky grin, "my cousin in law is a DM..." wink wink and hope that they give me something special. That is very exciting but very sad that you have to move but very exciting that you may be closer to people that I like a lot.

Clarice said...

Yeah!! I am so excited for you, but pretty bummed that you won't be a Cache Valley resident anymore! As far as suggestions I've got nothing to offer.... but still wanted to say congrats!

Lucky Mommy said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting! You guys deserve it. I just read your last few posts and am so proud of you for running a half marathon and coming in 6th! Really? That is amazing. And your kids are adorable inside and out so I think you deserve some pride.

Brynne said...

Happy for you, sad for me, blah, blah, blah... (my pity party continues EVERY time I walk/run/drive past your house, which happens on average about 15 times a day. Instead of selling your house, see if they could maybe just take it down all together so there is no resemblance of the darling friend and family and beloved Roscoe who once dwelled there and brightened our lives and block. Not that I want to forget you all, just not have the knife twisted so many times each day that you moved on!).

We too, are proud of Mr. Kohl's himself and may start dropping his name more than we already do when we walk in the joint. After all, he was once my neighbor! What a stud! Don't forget us little peeps up here in the hood who aren't so big time! By the way, Jasen's newfound fitness habits are serving him well, he looks great!
Congratulations to you both and ALL this means for you :) We love you guys!!!! And will miss you more than you know!

Jen said...

Congratulations Rees family! We are so happy for you! :) Although, you could move back to St. Louis and that would make us even happier!

kristina said...

SOOOO happy for you Katy! Congratulations to you and Jasen!

Derek and Bre said...

I am so happy for you guys but I really will miss you! I grew up in West Jordan and I love the Day Break area. RIverton, Herriman, or South Jordan, I think you would be happy in that area for sure. And not that I'm a home town hater...but avoid WJ.

elimy said...

Congrats guys! Looks like you guys are outa here! You will be missed and better give us a call when you come up to happy valley to visit all your dear friends! Good luck selling this house!

Suzie Petunia said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY! I am SOOO excited for you! I'm jumping up and down!! I am so happy for you and Jasen. What a well-deserved thrill! And I am so happy that you are considering Daybreak! Please, please do move there!

I am just so happy for you!

mo said...

Congratulations on a well deserved promotion. We are truly thrilled for you and especially because when we get home, you will be so easy to visit!!! I vote Daybreak! I know you are loyal Kohls people but might I just mention there is a great Target nearby?

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