Friday, November 19, 2010

Callin' 'Em Like She Sees 'Em..

So.. to switch things up from my usual
"jeans with something" look,
the other day I threw on some dark gray cargo pants, with a white long sleeve thermal.
I'm not saying it was my best get-up ever.. but comfy.
Sophie walked into my room, gave me a once over,
and stated very clearly:
"Those pants are ugly."
"But I like your shirt."



My Crazy Life said...

Only the Sof-a-loaf could put it so eloquently. I just love her.

Emma Jo said...

I love her...even thought that might have made me cry.

Abby said...

That is HILARIOUS. The mark of a true friend...although I can't help but assume you looked hot in them, cuz that's what you do!

e and s said...

My kids tell me their honest opinions even when I didn't ask for it.So do the same to them and they sighs. They makes me laugh.

racing dawn said...

I'm completely blogstalking you from Andrea's blog - I just wanted you to know that if you want to enter my lash giveaway you have to do it on my blog! I know total pain, but I have to be fair. Just wanted to let you know if you were still interested! Your family is darling! :)

Anonymous said...

great idea to combine jeans, may i try ?? lol :)

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